Getting Rid of Man Boobs Without Surgery

Getting Rid of Man Boobs Without Surgery

GynecomastiaA man with man boobs is going to suffer greatly from its psychological effects. If you are a man that has enlarged breasts, spending a day at the beach or gym is something you’ll never look forward to. People are most likely going to bully you for it or turn you into a subject of social ridicule. Your confidence can be greatly affected by man boobs as well.

According to, a man with man boobs actually has a condition called Gynecomastia. It is not a life threatening however it does affect a man psychologically as stated above. Usually men in their puberty and older men would experience having man boobs but it will go away eventually. Overweight men and those taking specific conditions are also at risk of having man boobs.

How can you get rid of Gynecomastia without resorting to undergoing a surgical procedure?

gynecomastia surgeryLower aromatase enzyme. This is the worst enemy of every man. This enzyme converts your testosterone molecules to estrogen which is the female hormone. If you have this enzyme in your body in high amounts then you end up having high levels of both testosterone and estrogen. As a result, you will get breasts that looks like that of a woman. If you want to lower the amount of this enzyme in your body then you will need to lower your fat percentage.

Lower prolactin level. Breast growth and secretion of milk is triggered by a hormone called prolactin. Even though men do not secrete milk or grow breasts, they still have a small amount of this hormone in their bodies. However, there are certain men who have high levels of this hormone in this body which results to breast growth. The level of prolactin rises when men ejaculate so avoid excess masturbation if you do want the level of this hormone to skyrocket.

Choose the right exercise. Enhancing your chest muscles will help you lessen your man boobs. However, it can be disastrous if you do not do it properly. Push ups and bench presses will only make your man boobs more visible. What you should be doing instead are inclined bench presses and diamond push-ups. The upper portion of your chest is developed by doing these exercises. When the size of your upper chest increases, your man boobs will look much smaller.

It is a misconception as well of many that one needs to feel that burning sensation so that your fats will move and the muscle grows. There is no truth to this and this does not indicate anything at all. You should work on your strength and not be focusing on doing high rep workouts. Working out daily is only going to stress you out so don’t.

Lose your fat mass the smart way. This means that losing weight is not an assurance that you are losing fat. You should be lowering the fat percentage in your body by doing strength exercises so that your lean muscle mass will increase.


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